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Digital marketing is marketing on the Internet. We use Google adwords, facebook ads, and content marketing to help business owners & entrepreneurs get more leads, customers, and sales… so that they can grow their business





Hi, my name is Fareez. in 2010 I graduated from University and launched my own online travel agency. I learned about internet marketing and I was able to successfully get a lot of traffic, customers, and sales from what I had learned. the business was successful and I later sold it after 2 years.


My passion is in digital marketing. I love seeing people come to my website and purchasing something. it feels great to know that what you worked hard to build works!


My goal is to share what I know about internet marketing with other business owners & entrepreneurs who need help with getting traffic, leads, and sales for their business.


things to know about me

  • I was a wushu athlete and competed in national level competition
  • I do parkour & freerunning. I did a parkour TVC for China Mountain Dew
  • I’m secretly batman


I love meeting and working with people who are passionate in what they do. they run their business not just for profit alone, but to help improve their customer’s life by offering world class products and services.


There’s nothing more rewarding than working with people with a higher purpose in their life & business than just money & profit. Sure, profit is great. But profit alone means nothing if you are not passionate in what you do.


You aspire to fully utilize your God given skills & talent and turn it into something amazing — you love waking up early in the morning to work on your business, to continue doing what you love, and to provide high value in your customer’s life!




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Professional bio

  • Founder of Weight gain bootcamp.
  • Founded a small online marketing company in late 2013 that automates marketing and sales of local Kota Kinabalu tours using internet marketing SEO tools and strategies. The small online business later got acquired by a local tour agency in early 2015.
  • Currently venturing into digital information product business which sells online teaching program helping people unleash their full potential, become extraordinary, discover their life purpose, and live better lives through transformational education, and online lesson.